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During the filming for Strictly come Dancing it became apparent that all areas of the media wanted to be in on the action. Ian quickly found himself making regular guest appearances on the radio especially his local station BBC Radio Berkshire as well as being interviewed by the likes of Henry Kelly, Maggie Philbin and Timmy Mallett!

He could be heard far and wide on BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Dorset, BBC Radio Jersey, BBC Radio Bristol, Radio 5 Live, and Reading's own, 2-Ten FM. No doubt we will be hearing lots more from Ian in the future as he says he might quite like a radio slot of his own one day, Stay tuned!

For all media enquiries, please contact Knight Ayton on (020) 7831 4400.

Ian live on Breakfast Radio
Ian live on Breakfast Radio
Ian and Penny Lancaster Stewart interviewed on BBC Radio 5
Ian and Penny Lancaster Stewart interviewed on BBC RADIO 5 ©BBC
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