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Ian was approached in 2008 to be involved with the film London Tango - a feature length documentary following the journey of six individuals who share a passion for dancing. Ian, amongst other highly regarded dancers, made appearances throughout the film.

London Tango premiered at the Notting Hill Film Festival in July 2009 and Ian was there at the premier to give the film his full support. The film may possibly be touring the country so keep your eyes peeled at selected venues near you.

Ian also presented a documentary for BBC South following the progress of a young Dancing couple titled 'Inside Out'.

He has appeared in two DVDs, 'Ballroom Dancing' with Angela Ripon (available here) and the other filmed with his Dance Partner Camilla Dallerup - 'The Magic Of Dance' (available here).

For all media enquiries, please contact Ian's Manager on 01628 477 705.

London Tango
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Photography by Felix Kunze, Henry Arden and BBC