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A hair-raising moment with Michelle Williams whilst rehearsing the Tango! © BBCBig thank you to the Angels for making my night!!!!Here with Austin, Calvin, Diesel and Princess!At the Bungalow to sign off final proofs for my calendar. Woohoo!A surprise present from my 'International Angels'.At Bungalow Industries shortlisting images for my 2011 calendar.
How funny! My screensaver on my iPhone and my friend's screensaver!Me at breakfast with my foils in!!! Haha.James found a friend in Birmingham!Wow! Cardiff!Matt's best friend!Boy did my hair grow on tour!
On the pro tour in Brighton! Loving it!!Bit of culture today, beautiful day but absolutely freeeeeezing!!!!!Most of the crew in Belfast, who can you spot?Couldn't resist Zoe Lucker's accessories darling!!!How cool is this!!!!Birthday sustenance from my Angels!
On tour having breakfast in bed watching the tennis! Could it get any better?Starting to relax on holiday with Natalie.Flying to Dublin! My favourite picture ever of Bruno and Len!!With Olachops!Aliona with another Pims!Nat and I on a billboard in Edinburgh.
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Photography by Felix Kunze, Henry Arden and BBC