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At the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.In the infinity pool on the roof of my hotel, with the stunning skyline of Barcelona behind me.On Holiday with friends Sarah Robinson, Christine Bleakley, Mark Foster and Jason Cutler.Me and my best friend Kylie!At The Blue Marlin in Ibiza with my cousin James enjoying the sun.Fred Astaire's handprints in the pavement at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, California.
A perfect fit! Our hands are exactly the same size!Legs eleven!!!! (Jade not me!)Jade and I in rehearsals, taking a moment out!Having dinner with my mate Shelley at the OXO Tower on the South Bank.Celeb group dance is going really well!!! Exhausted!!!Having a well earned lunch break!
Headband and high socks on, ready for some serious exercise!!In the Green Room watching It Takes Two.Funny picture of me at Blackpool....ET phone home!!!!!! HahaSay cheese, all smiles for the camera.One day Ian, one day!Crepes so bad.....but so goood!!!!
The boys in make up!For those Brian Fortuna fans out there!!The Lovely Camilla Dallerup. XDarren Bennett choreographing a show number!Love this car and the number plate!!!!How nice to name a bottle of water after me!
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Photography by Felix Kunze, Henry Arden and BBC